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Wednesday Schedule    Standings


Teams need to try and find subs and notify John, Jay, Bill or Aaron ASAP.  Use the member directory to find subs

We always need subs. To become a sub,

click on member directory below and find your name. 

Enter SUB on the day/s you prefer



Match Play / Best Ball (Individual Head to Head matches and a Team match)        

  • Each 9 Hole Match is worth 6 points.  2 points for each individual match and 2 points for the Team Match. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Individual Match – To determine who plays #1 and #2, the two players with the lowest INDEX on each team will play #1.  If the Indexes are the same for both players on a team then that team will designate who plays who (Not the opposition) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Team Match – Player 1 and 2 on Team A vs Player 1 and 2 on Team B.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Strokes will be determined based off the low handicap player in each match.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

  • The scoring will be as follows:   2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie in each match. It always adds to 6 points.  xxxxxxxxxx 

  • INDIV match #1 = 2 points​

  • INDIV match #2 = 2 points

  • TEAM match       = 2 points

HOW TO SCORE                           

       TEAM A Player #1 Strokes 0   TEAM A Player #2 Strokes 5  TEAM B Player #3  Strokes 2 TEAM B Player #4 Strokes 7

       Player #1 plays Player #3 head to head.  Player 3 gets 2 strokes.                                                                                             

       Player #2 plays Player #4 head to head.  Player 4 gets 2 strokes.                                                                                             

       TEAM match Play.  Player #2 gets 5 strokes, Player #3 gets 2 strokes, Player #4 gets 7 strokes.                                     


  • (One player can play against 2. The team with 2 players would automatically receive 2 points for the individual match which couldn’t happen. To determine who would play the single match for 2 points it would depend on the single’s handicap on his team. Low handicap would play low handicap - Higher handicap would play the higher handicap. If the team with 2 have the same handicap they would choose who would play the single. The 2 match points would be determined by the single player playing against the 2 players.)

  • (One player from each team can play against each other. 4 points for a win and 2 points each for a tie. The team match would be deemed a 1-1 tie.)

  • The end of the season tie breaker will be head to head matches. If there is still a tie the prizes will be split evenly with the exception of the winner of each division. That winner will be decided by a 3 hole playoff on “The Loop”.

Substitutions, No Shows, and Make ups

  • It is the responsibility of each team to make sure that they have two men to play the scheduled match.

  • Obviously, not everyone can make it every week.  For that reason we will have a substitute list posted on the website. You can use anyone on the list and any Association Member with an established handicap as a substitute. In addition you can use any non association member as long as they have a GHIN HCP.  This person can only sub twice but not for the same team.

  • You do NOT need one or both players from each team to play their match; One or Two alternates CAN play as a team ONCE.

  • If a team is unable to play it is their responsibility to contact the other team and one of the Association’s board members – (Bill Gilbert for Wednesday – John Bancroft for Thursday (508-631-0040 / a minimum of 24 hrs in advance.

  •  If you know you or your teammate will not be available a week or more in advance you may match cards or play PRIOR to your scheduled match. If neither team can play their match when scheduled and can’t make up their match or match cards then each team will be awarded 3 points.

  • If something unexpected arises the week of your match it is your responsibility to contact the other team and one of the designated Association’s board members a minimum of 24 hours in advance if possible. An exception may be made based on the situation.

  • If a team does not notify its opponent or their officer with at least 24 hrs notice that it cannot make a match and no one shows up from that team they will receive 0 pts and the opponent will play against par.


No Playoff this year

Wednesday and Thursday Leagues will play preferred lies in your own fairway


Weekly we will use GOLF GENIUS to establish Handicaps and who plays # 1 and #2 along with printing scorecards.  New Members without a handicap must contact Bill Gilbert for the Wednesday League and John Bancroft for the Thursday League to establish their handicap.

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