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All Members need to add GHIN app to your phone and post scores the day you play. Go to app store search GHIN


If you are playing, post your scores the day you play.

All players should load GHIN app on your phone to post scores right away.

At the beginning of 2020, the United States Golf Association joined the World Handicap System, which combined five other handicap governing bodies from around the world into one. It’s purpose is to allow more golfers the opportunity to obtain and maintain a Handicap Index, use that Index on any golf course around the globe, and compete, or play recreationally, with anyone fairly.

Here are some of the major changes you need to know:

Daily revisions:

Instead of updating your handicap index on the 1st and 15th of each month, you will now receive a revision after each day that you post a new score. This was instituted to ensure that your index is a recent and accurate reflection of your playing ability.
Calculation of your index: under the old system, your handicap index was calculated by taking an average of the best 10 scores out of the last 20, and multiplying that number by .96. Now, indexes reflect a true average of the best 8 scores out of the most recent 20.
Playing conditions calculation: conditions such as wind, rain and course setup can adversely affect your score. To account for changes in conditions that may make the course more or less difficult than normal, the WHS adds a playing conditions calculation to ensure that the score differential is an accurate reflection of your performance on that day. This is done once automatically at the end of each day if scores posted from a given course and tee are much higher or lower than expected. If the system determines a PCC is necessary, it will show on your scoring record and is factored into the calculation by adding or subtracting from the course rating for that specific round. PCC’s are added “conservatively,” so don’t expect to see an adjustment every round.


Net Double Bogey:

Replacing Equitable Stoke Control (ESC) as the maximum score on a hole that a player can post, the most you can take on a hole is now double bogey plus any handicap strokes you receive on that hole. For example, if you receive a handicap stroke on a par 5,

the highest score you can record for posting purposes is 8.

Calculation of Course Handicap:

Before, your course handicap was calculated by dividing the slope of the tee being played by 113 and multiplying that by your index. Under the WHS, the par of the course is also factored into your handicap. You will still do the steps above, but then add in the difference between the course rating and the par of the tee being played. For example, the white tee at Poquoy Brook has a rating of 70.2, which is 1.8 less than the par of 72. So under the new system, your course handicap at Poquoy will be 2 strokes less than you are used to. But don’t worry, it’s the same for everyone! The GHIN app features a course handicap calculator, so you can select the course and tee you are playing and it will calculate the course handicaps for you and your playing partners.

It is even more important than ever to post your score in a timely manner after you play.

You should post your score by midnight

the day you play to ensure it is factored into your daily revision and to have it included in the playing conditions calculation. You can post your score easily on the USGA GHIN app or at It is also very important to go through the system and select the course and tee you played instead of entering the information manually so the score is included in the PCC.

For more information on the World Handicap System, visit

Example of 14.3 Index

14.3 x 129/113 = 16.32 + 73.7 = 90 - 72=18

2020 Max Postable Score            
ALL HANDICAPS      Par 3    Par 4  Par 5
0 strokes on hole          5          6           7
1 stroke on hole            6          7           8
2 strokes on hole          7          8           9
3 strokes on hole          8          9          10

Just remember Max score allowed is NET DOUBLE BOGEY 

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