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Poquoy Brook Local Rules

Apply the rules of golf & the LOCAL rules every round

The USGA Rules of Golf govern all play except as modified by the following local rules:

Doubt as to Procedure: Proceed under Rule 20.1c:

“If you are uncertain about the right procedure while playing a hole, you may complete the hole with two balls without penalty.”

Out of Bounds (Holes 2, 4, 13. 14.15.16.& 17):

  • Defined by inside edge of white stakes and painted lines (painted lines take precedent). Boundaries on Holes 2 and 4 are defined by the cable fence along the road. 

18 Hole OB Rule

  • A tee shot that lands on the 1st hole is considered out of bounds. Left of the tree line from 18th tee box.

Lost Ball or out of bounds local relief rule: speed up play

  • Option 1: Stroke-and-distance, Hit from original position with 1 stroke penalty.

  • Option 2: Two Penalty strokes. Drop in fairway - lie 3 hitting 4 (after tee shot)PROCESS

    • First, figure out where your ball went out of bounds or is likely to be lost

    • Second, find the nearest fairway edge.

    • Last, drop your ball in the nearest fairway edge between the two points defined above.


Flower Beds:

  • All flower beds are no play zones that are to be treated as abnormal course conditions. Free relief must be taken under Rule 16.1b. ​​

Penalty Relief Areas:

  • Hole 6: The drop zone is near the cart path (from 5) as an additional form of relief for a ball that enters the second red penalty area to the left of the fairway. If you enter the 1st Red penalty area (first water off the tee), use red penalty rule only.

  • Hole 8: A drop zone is near the cart path (heading to 9) as an additional form of relief for the red penalty areas left of the cart path and behind the green.

  • Hole 9: A drop zone is provided as an additional form of relief for a ball in the red penalty area left of the cart path.

  • Hole 18: A ball that enters the pond on the side nearest the tee is to be played as a yellow penalty area. Use yellow penalty rules. A drop zone is  to the right of the cart path between holes 17 and 18 as an additional form of relief. 

18 Ball crosses water

  • A tee shot that crosses the water and positively/likely kicks back into the water, will be played as RED penalty area.  likely needs confirmation from a player in the group. 

Pace of Play: Pace is 4 hours and 30 minutes. Please ensure that you are keeping pace with the group in front of you. Rule 6.4 expressly allows for stroke play and encourages players to play out of turn in a safe and responsible way to save time or for convenience (also known as “ready golf”).

Leaf rule applies only when committee deems course conditions will be needed to apply.


Common Golf Rule Questions

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