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Year in Review

2022 season is now history.  Fun season

Club Champion-Tim Johnson

Player of the year-Kevin Kilroy  (all Results)

4 Ball Champs-David Johnson & David Lang

Texas Hold 'Em champs-Bill Tribou & Bill Gilbert

Shootout winner- Jon Castle

Check out the highlights here:  CLICK HERE

All 2022 Tournament winners:  CLICK HERE


Club Champion

Tim Johnson

Tim was in 5th place after day 1, and a little down in the dumps with his golf game.  Never give up.  Tim came from behind on day 2 and was the survivor of a punishing golf course.  Nice job Tim - Club Champ again!



Kevin Kilroy

Kevin played in all 14 tournaments this year and cashed in 8 of the 14.  Including 4 of the last five for 411 point.  Kevin edged out Gary Carlin by 13 points, who also cashed in 6 of 14 tournaments. 

TX Hold em.JPG

Texas Hold 'EM Champs

Bill Gilbert & Bill Tribou

Bill Tribou and Bill Gilbert are Hold 'EM/Extravaganza royalty as they win BACK to BACK years.  Once again B & B finished -8 after the 2 day 4 format grind.  The scramble was the biggest boost with -8 total.  -2 Best Ball. -1 Alt shot and +3 in both balls.  

Shoot Out

Jon Castle

This could be the most fun thing we do.  12 players tee off on the 1st hole and we eliminate players until we get down to the last 2 golfers.  Buddies Jon Castle & Paul Arikian went head to head on the last hole as we finished at dusk and Jon survived the grind.  Here they are celebrating after the event

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